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Last Week in Google Cloud

2021 Week 8 (~2021-02-22)

Featured Releases

Kubernetes Engine

Multi Cluster Service

  • Discover and invoke services across clusters with GKE multi-cluster services. (February 17, 2021)

  • Multi-cluster Services (MCS) is now Generally Available (GA) for GKE versions 1.17 and later. MCS provides a Kubernetes-native interface to build Kubernetes applications that span multiple clusters. MCS enables existing Services to be discoverable and accessible across clusters with a virtual IP, matching the behavior of a ClusterIP Service accessible in a cluster. (February 17, 2021, GKE Release notes)


Compute Engine

  • Preview: Predictive autoscaling for managed instance groups lets you improve the availability of your workloads by using Machine Learning to predict future demand and create virtual machines ahead of forecasted load.(February 17, 2021)


Google Cloud Armor

  • Google Cloud Armor Adaptive Protection is available in Public Preview. Adaptive Protection builds machine-learning models that help you protect your Google Cloud applications, websites, and services against L7 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.(February 19, 2021)


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